11 December 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

The Fallen

Adair: Let us not forget
He had a bubbly personality. He was active in his church. He played the violin and loved to sing. In August of 2009, he joined the U.S. Army, and this past October was deployed to Afghanistan.

His name was Devon J. Harris. He wanted to be a history teacher after the service. Going in the military was a way to get the funds to further his education. Last month, those dreams were cut short.

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1-87 IN/1BCT/10MTN DIVgives us news and photos on their page.

Task Force Spartangives us photos from the 710 BSB NCO Induction Ceremony.

10th Mountain Division & Fort Drum Historical Collection

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The Mountaineer Online

Fort Polk Guardian


Air Force radio connects kids to Santa
SETUP AT SHERMAN: Letters answered over the air courtesy of squadron stationed at Drum

Fraternity collects ‘Donations for the Deployed’ soldiers

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