19 May 2010

10th Mountain Division Facebook Pages


1st Brigade Combat Team
1-87 Infantry Bn
2-22 Infantry Bn
1-71 Cavalry Sqn
3-6 Field Artillery (Strike)
10th Brigade Support Bn
1st Brigade Special Troops Bn

2nd Brigade Combat Team
2-14 Infantry Bn
4-31 Infantry Bn
1-89 Cavalry RSTA
2-15 Field Artillery (STRIKE)
210th Brigade Support Bn
2d Brigade Special Troops Bn
3rd Brigade Combat Team
1-32 Infantry Bn
2-87 Infantry Bn
3-71 Cavalry (SQN)
4-25 Field Artillery (STRIKE)
710th Brigade Support Bn
3d Brigade Special Troops Bn

4th Brigade Combat Team (Ft. Polk)
2-4 Infantry Bn
2-30 Infantry Bn
3-89 Cavalry (RSTA)
5-25 Field Artillery (STRIKE)
94th Brigade Support Bn
4th Brigade Special Troops Bn
10th Aviation Brigade
3-10 GSAB
6-6 Cavalry
2-10 Aviation Regiment
277th Aviation Support Battalion

10th Sustainment Brigade
Brigade Special Troops Bn
548th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
91st Military Police Bn
511th MP Company
7th Engineering Battalion
95th & 520th Engineer Detachment
Other pages

Ft Drum, NY Currently has 2,257 members (19 May 2010)
Fort Drum FMWR
Fort Drum FMWR

10th Mountain Div. (Light Infantry) Veterans
Association of the 10th Mountain Division
Northern New York Fort Drum AUSA

If I have missed any, please leave a comment on this article with a link to that specific Facebook page. Thank you very much.

Fort Drum soldier creates organization to help Afghan people

Fort Drum medic William Seo says his first trip to Afghanistan was eye opening. Horrific conditions. People with nothing. A sight he says he couldn't bear.

"One old gentleman, old man, walked three days barefoot to get a sore on his toe checked," Seo said. "We treated him, but sent him back barefoot. That really hurt."

Joint Security Station Zafaraniya transferred to Iraqi Federal Police
Joint Security Station (JSS) Zafaraniya was transferred to the 1st Brigade, 1st Iraqi Federal Police Division Monday from soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.

“They already have plans on how they are to conduct [security operations at JSS Zafaraniya], how they are going to guard it,” said 1st Sergeant Patrick Murray of Mauston, Wisconsin, battery first sergeant, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 2-15 FA. “I think they will do well.”

A Numbers Game
NY Times column by First Lt. Mark Larson, who is serving with the 10th Mountain Division in Kabul and blogs at www.handfulofdust.net.

Face of Defense: Buddy’s Concern Saves Soldier’s Life

Spc. Albert Godding receives Meritorious Service Medal for actions in Iraq while with 5th Battalion, 25th Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.

Fort Drum bomb squad detonates shell in Owasco
Ft Drum based 760th Explosive Ordnance Disposal team assists Onondaga County bomb squad with disposing of a a World War II-era Navy shell.

Fort Drum's 1st Brigade one of first to deploy without stop-loss
Since the days of the military draft, branches of the Armed Forces have been all volunteer. But some military policies have taken away some of that freedom. One in particular, stop-loss, led to some soldiers being forced to serve an extra year or more. But as our Brian Dwyer reports, that program is no more and Fort Drum officials say they're glad it's over.

From Facebook
1st and 2nd PLT, D Company, 2/22 Inf
We have a note about what 1st and 2nd Platoons D Company, 2/22 Inf, have been doing, as well as a group photo for the loved ones at home to see their deployed family members.

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