18 November 2009

10th Mountain Daily Roundup

Unending War: 'When We Win, We Can Relax'
Commentary on toll wars in Iraq and Afghanistan take on families of soldiers, several 10th mountain family members and soldiers quoted.

2-10 Mtn. Div. Takes on Partnership Role
2nd BCT assumes partnership mission in Iraq from 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.

Photo gallery: Medal of Honor headstone dedicated to Jared Monti
Series of photos from ceremony to dedicate new headstone for 10th Mtn soldier Jared Monti.

Incentives attract social workers
Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization offers bonus for counselors to relocate within the 40-mile Fort Drum radius.

Championship football returns to Jackson Township this weekend
Fort Drum's Pop Warner Football team will be in Jackson, NJ this weekend for semi finals tourney.

15 Nov Daily Roundup

Ultimate sacrifice ‘A legacy of freedom and a lesson of sacrifice'
There was a ceremony at the Worchester Ma veteran's memorial to dedicate a flagpole in honor of former 10th Mtn soldier SFC Jared Monti.

Marathon man
Short article and picture of Stow OH native and Ft Drum soldier Carl Berg, who comlpeted the Road Runner Akron Marathon on Sept. 26.

Soldier with local ties hurt in Afghanistan
Ft Drum soldier, Staff Sgt. Jared Schneider, was wounded during a Nov 9 Rocket attack in Afghanistan.
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