20 December 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Fort Drum soldiers' special mission: Go home for the holidays and relax

Returning soldiers given welcome
CEREMONY AT DRUM: 200 members of 2nd Battalion come home from Afghanistan duty

Leesville Mayor's Youth Council tour Fort Polk
Members of the Leesville Mayor’s Youth Council experienced a day at Fort Polk with a windshield tour led by Community Relations Officer Tresa Lawson.

Battalion practices ahead of deployment
A 10th Mountain Division battalion preparing to deploy to Afghanistan has a new addition to its Taliban-fighting arsenal: the "Peace Train."

Aboard will be influential residents in rural Afghan communities who tend to favor the Taliban to American forces and the Afghan government. Members of the 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment will transport the new leaders to a district capital, much like a county seat, and give them positions in the government, so they have representation for their people and direct access to the district governor.

Partnered forces target Taliban in Helmand
A partnered Afghan and International Security Assistance Force patrol killed several insurgents during an operation targeting two Taliban leaders in Afghanistan's Helmand province yesterday, military officials reported.

The two Taliban leaders are active in facilitating and conducting attacks against Afghan and ISAF forces, officials said.
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