11 August 2009

Brigade Commander Sees Advantages To Adding Troops In Afghanistan


A 10th Mountain Division brigade commander says sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan is not a bad idea.

Colonel David Haight is the leader of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

His 3,500 troops are serving in the eastern province of Wardak.

His brigade has lost 17 soldiers in the past three months because of persistent attacks from the enemy.

Col. Haight says top generals will decide whether or not more troops get sent to Afghanistan - but he sees advantages to it.

"We filled up our regional command with what was necessary, but I think we're going to see additional troops having to head down south...There are some challenges there that additional troops will be able to meet," said Col. Haight.

You can hear more of what Col. Haight has to say about the war, the losses and the highly anticipated trip back home in an in-depth interview Wednesday on 7 News This Morning.
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