20 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Ghormach Elders Discuss Aid and Security Issues
Village elders from the Ghormach district of Northern Afghanistan met with members of the International Security Assistance Force and a representative from the United States Department of Agriculture recently, to discuss the agricultural needs of the area.

Before any assistants can be provided however, security needs for the district have to be addressed.

"Even though we are the largest agricultural organization in the world," said Merle Parise of the U.S.D.A., to the elders. "We are helpless without your help securing the villages,"

With the combined efforts of the local villagers, the Afghan National Security Forces and the coalition Forces, the district will reach a state of lasting security.

"With security comes the ability for others to come in and do what they need to do to help the people of the Ghormach district," said Lt. Col. Kyle Marsh, commander of 3rd Battalion, 6th Field Artillery, of the 10th Mountain Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team.

More soldiers with 2nd BCT return from mission in Iraq
Col. David M. Miller, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, arrived Saturday from Iraq with 375 of his unit's soldiers.

The unit was assigned to eastern Baghdad, where it trained Iraqi military and police forces to protect themselves by working in tandem with the forces during missions.

19 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Panels approve Drum funding
Nearly $235 million in construction slated for next year at Fort Drum cleared a House subcommittee Wednesday, a first step toward securing money for new barracks, training facilities and other improvements.

The House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees military construction approved its spending bill for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, including the money for Fort Drum.

Lattes and Hot Showers in Afghanistan
A popular fake motivational poster here in Afghanistan is one that shows two pictures side by side: one of soldiers in full gear out on patrol covered in dust; the other of two soldiers holding trays of fast food with clean uniforms and big smiles. The caption below reads “Afghanistan: individual experiences may vary.”

This dichotomy is all too true for many soldiers around the country. As a new infantry lieutenant fresh out of Airborne and Ranger School, I arrived at the 10th Mountain Division expecting my experience to be much like the picture on the right. We had all seen images and video of firefights at remote outposts in the Hindu Kush, or house-to-house battles in Kandahar and Helmand Provinces.

Iraq US Troops Drawdown
In this Tuesday, July 13, 2010 photo, a U.S. Army soldier from 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division is seen on board a C-17 aircraft at Baghdad International Airport as they begin their journey to the United States. The soldiers, based at Fort Drum, N.Y., are headed home after nine months in Iraq as part of the U.S. drawdown of forces, which begins in earnest next month. The number of soldiers in Iraq is expected to go from 77,500 currently in the country to 50,000 by September 1.

Owens Announces Panel Approval of $6.7 million Requested for Fort Drum
The House Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee approved Congressman Bill Owens’ funding request to construct an Alert Holding Area Facility for Fort Drum’s efforts to prepare our troops for deployment.

Command prepares 10th Mountain Division for Afghanistan
Members of U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) will conduct Unified Endeavor 10-3 Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Region Command - South (RC-S) Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX) July 14- 30 at Fort Drum, N.Y.

The MRX will help the Army's 10th Mountain Division transition smoothly into Afghanistan as it replaces a multinational contingent, led by British forces currently overseeing operations in RC-S under the command of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

SUNY Drum proposal advances
The effort to bring a State University of New York medical branch campus to the Fort Drum region advanced in a House subcommittee, Rep. William L. Owens, D-Plattsburgh, announced Friday.

An appropriations subcommittee approved $250,000 for the initiative, which supporters say will help attract health care professionals to the north country.

13 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Fort Drum Training for NY National Guard Aircrews
New York National Guard Aviation Soldiers will train to prepare themselves for the newly formed Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Explosive (CBRNE) Consequence Management Response Force, or CCMRF. This training of Soldiers and aircrwes will certify three of New York's aviation units to be called to Federal Active Duty if needed to deploy in support of federal missions for any natural or man-made disaster beginning in the new fiscal year, starting October1.

Country superstar at the county fair
Opening for Mr. Jackson will be Timothy ("T. J.") Murphy, a soldier at Fort Drum who is a native of Kittery, Maine.

Mr. Murphy has served his country for almost 25 years and will retire from the military this year to become a full-time country music artist. He's been involved in the business for a long time, performing with his band on and off for the past 17 years.

The Badlands of Kandahar: Counterinsurgency Testing Ground
The Dand-district center is a novelty in the badlands of Kandahar province. As the seat of both the top government official and the U.S. forces based in the area, it's a seductive target for Taliban militants looking to make a statement. Yet its walls lack the extra defenses found at other district centers across Afghanistan's embattled south. On any given day, half of the guard towers are unoccupied and the front gate is left open, manned by a single police officer who casually waves visitors through. So calm is the surrounding area that U.S. Army officers living there are lobbying for permission to go outside the wire without body armor. "If there's an ink spot [of stability] forming in southern Afghanistan, I would say it's this district," says Major Edward Ash of the 1-71 Cavalry, 10th Mountain division.

Training to tackle the Taliban - and cooperate with allies
The Afghan policemen do not seem overly excited by the prospect of going on tour with their American trainers this afternoon.

Outside in Imam Sahib, in the Kunduz province of northern Afghanistan, it's 45 degrees celsius. The local police chief delegates one of his sergeants and two patrolmen to go out, vastly outnumbered by their US counterparts.

Donald R. Edgerton

Sergeant Donald R. Edgerton, age 33, of Murphy, North Carolina, was killed July 10th in an improvised explosive device attack near the city of Charadarre, Afghanistan.

Edgerton was a senior sniper, serving in support of Operation Enduring Freedom with the 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.

Edgerton joined the U.S. Army in August 2007 and after completing training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, arrived to Fort Drum in February 2008.

Edgerton previously deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from February to October 2008. In 2009 he completed both the sniper and combat life savers courses.

Edgerton's awards and decorations include the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the NATO Medal, the Army Service Ribbon and two Overseas Service Ribbons.

He is survived by his wife, daughter and parents.

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Jesse W. Ainsworth

Staff Sergeant Jesse W. Ainsworth, age 24, of Dayton, Texas, was killed July 10th in an improvised explosive device attack near the city of Walakan, Afghanistan.

Ainsworth was a team leader, serving in support of Operation Enduring Freedom with the 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.

Ainsworth joined the U.S. Army in November, 2005 and after completing training at Fort Benning, Georgia, came to Fort Drum in March 2006.

Ainsworth previously deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the first time from March to July 2006, and also from September 2007 to October 2008. He completed both the Warrior Leader Course and the Combat Life Savers Course in 2009.

Ainsworth's awards and decorations include the Combat Infantryman Badge, two Army Commendation Medals, two Army Achievement Medals, the Meritorious Unit Commendation, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Noncommissioned Officers Professional Development Ribbon, the NATO Medal, the Army Service Ribbon and the Overseas Service Ribbon.

He is survived by his wife, two children, mother and sister.

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11 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Two units back on Drum after war deployments
Families welcomed home two units Thursday after yearlong deployments. The 173 returning soldiers of the 630th Engineer Company, 7th Engineer Battalion were deployed to Afghanistan and 154 members of the 543rd Military Police Company, 10th Sustainment Brigade returned from Iraq.

New JCC community survey shows more people optimistic about life in NNY
We are optimistic, with the majority reporting that life in Jefferson County is getting better. We typically think this is a good place to live, a good place to raise children, and a good place in which to grow old. We are concerned about the national economy and think our own economy needs some improvement, but we think we have better shopping opportunities and better access to higher education than we did last year. We think the expansion of Fort Drum has a positive impact on our community.

Geothermal Energy Could Make the Department of Defense a Supplier of U.S. Energy, Not Just a Consumer
The U.S. military’s drive to replace fossil fuels with sustainable energy could result in an interesting twist: the military could wind up being a net supplier of energy to the U.S. electricity grid, in the form of geothermal power tapped from land owned by the Department of Defense (pdf alert).

Since 2004, Fort Drum in upstate New York has been installing geothermal systems in 19 buildings in various stages of completion. Across the country in Texas, Fort Bliss is looking to geothermal for achieving net zero carbon emissions in ten years. There are many more examples in between, and a study by the the Engineer Research and Development Center of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers suggests that that the Department of Defense has enough geothermal resources to produce electricity for the national grid as well as its own bases.

Chowing down in the Army: New Fort Drum dining facilities compete with modern food options, changing tastes
If you served in the military more than a few years ago, or grew up watching old war movies, your image of an Army cook might be a guy in a white T-shirt and apron, glumly pulling KP duty in the mess hall by peeling a sack of potatoes.

The food he helped prepare was likely to be served (and received) with a dose of surly GI attitude. (Think almost any Beetle Bailey comic strip.)

At Fort Drum near Watertown, Specialist Ryan Rumminger is not that Army cook.

Wind study hits a snag
INDIAN RIVER: Drum officials not consulted, see tower problem

PHILADELPHIA — Gaining approval to erect a meteorological tower to assess wind conditions has been tougher than Indian River Central School District officials expected. And the delays in the wind study stem from a lack of communication between the Federal Aviation Administration and Fort Drum about how erecting the tower could affect low-flying aircraft.

"We thought with FAA approval, we could just go ahead with the study," Superintendent James Kettrick said.

FAA officials didn't consult Fort Drum officials directly when they approved a 164-foot-tall meteorological tower to assess wind on district property, and Fort Drum officials have an issue with the tower because its chosen site is close to the flight path of aircraft approaching Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield.

Spotted: People, Places & Things
Army Maj. Cornelius J. Pope has arrived for duty at Fort Drum, Watertown, N.Y. Pope is the son of Barbara Thurmond-Archibald of Bogart and the brother of Eddie L. Berry and Bryant K. Gantt of Athens. He graduated from Clarke Central High School in Athens.

"Assisting Locals, Increasing Trust" in Iraq During Drawdown
Colorful bags emblazoned with cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Barbie sat in a small, beat-up metal trailer, reflecting the early morning sun; a colorful contrast to the glistening sweat dripping from under the dusty helmets of soldiers working nearby.

The soldiers seemed to be everywhere at once, organizing supplies, arranging lines of concertina wire, and doing everything necessary to prepare for the people who would soon be descending on their temporary camp.

Even as the morning continued to heat up and the sweat continued to pour down, the soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, remained in high spirits, laughing and joking with each other and their Iraqi Army counterparts from 1st Battalion, 25th Brigade, 17th Iraqi Army Division.

BETH WILSON: Meet Me at the Flagpole at Disney
I love Disneyland. Oh, I know it is the smallest of the Disneyland Resorts but I love it. My husband and I have been season pass holders for most of our marriage. Several years ago, we happened to be walking along main street USA when we noticed something happening at the flagpole. The Disneyland Band, the Dapper Dans (barbershop quartet), and a “detail” were surrounding the flagpole. We joined the gathering throng to discover a special ceremony; the Flag Retreat Ceremony.

As the band, the “Dans” and the detail retire, something indescribable happens. Those vets gathered around the flagpole are slow to disperse. Joined by spouses, many wonderful connections are made. Gary spent six years in the Navy, on a boomer. David, who just returned from his fourth tour to Afghanistan, serves with the 10th Mountain Division out of New York. Gerald is a Vietnam era retired Air Force vet — with some great stories to tell. Donald, a World War II veteran, teared up during the ceremony. He landed on the beach on that “Day of Days” and swapped stories with several other Army vets and gave a warm and emotional, “Take care” to the active duty soldiers standing there.

09 July 2010

Fort Drum Press Release - Engineer Company Returns to Fort Drum

The 173 Soldiers of the 630th Engineer Company, 7th Engineer Battalion, redeployed from southern Afghanistan on July 8, 2010 after spending 12 months conducting route clearance operations throughout Regional Command - South in both Kandahar and Helmand
Provinces. The company primarily supported 5/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team along Highway 1 as well as Task Force Helmand, a British brigade-sized headquarters, during Operation Mostarak (Together) in Nad e Ali from February to April 2010. The company lost two Soldiers during the deployment, both due to IED strikes, and had another 11 Soldiers wounded in action. In total, the company found 84 IEDs, 59 UXOs and suffered 55 IED strikes while clearing over 45,000 kilometers of routes during the 5600 hours spent on the road.

Fort Drum Press Release - 543rd Military Police Company Redeployment

Members of the 543rd Military Police Company, 10th
Sustainment Brigade arrived at Fort
Drum from a yearlong deployment in Afghanistan Thursday.

The 543rd deployed in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in July of 2009.

The flight arrived during the evening hours at Wheeler Sack Airfield with 154 personnel. The 543rd successfully trained 10,000 Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police by providing Police Training Teams (PTT) and Military Training Team (MTT) meaning that the company prepared/trained Iraqi police leadership to plan, execute, and sustain independent police operations. PTTs diligently coach, mentor, and train the Iraqi police to take the lead in policing Iraq's citizens through the use of several training tools, including the police essential task list and the police station monthly report (PSMR). With more than 150 police-essential task list training tasks-printed in Arabic and English-the PTTs have a variety of instructional classes to choose from to help the Iraqi police raise the functionality of their police stations and personnel. The 543rd also conducted counter improvised explosive device (IED) and indirect fire (IDF) missions throughout the day and night.

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Governor David A. Paterson has directed that flags on New York State government buildings be flown at half-staff on Monday, July 12, in honor of two Fort Drum soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan on July 5.

Staff Sergeant Christopher F. Cabacoy and Private First Class Edwin C. Wood were killed when insurgents attacked their vehicle with an improvised explosive device. The soldiers were assigned to 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Drum, NY.

Fort Drum's 1st BCT Working With Afghan Security Forces(Video)

The 1st Brigade Combat Team from Fort Drum is working closely with Afghan national security forces in Afghanistan.

The 1st BCT's commander, Colonel Willard Burleson, says morale is good among the troops.

He says soldiers won't see any major changes in strategy now that General David Petraeus is in command.

Burleson also says most of the soldiers are deployed to the northern part of Afghanistan.

Military Notes
Austin D. Roberts of Alexandria was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army during an ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) Commissioning Ceremony at Canisius College on Friday, May 21. Roberts graduated from Canisius College on May 22 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is assigned to the Infantry Corps in Fort Drum, N.Y. He is the son of Stephen G. and Ruth Roberts of Farm Road, Alexandria. Roberts graduated in the year 2000 from T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria.

Dollar$ & $ense - Returning Military Still Have Plenty of Time
As the 2nd Brigade - 10th Mountain Division returns to Fort Drum from Afghanistan, they and other military personnel who served on official extended duty service outside the country for at least 90 days between January 1st, 2009 and April 30th, 2010 have until April 30th, 2011, to sign a contract to purchase or build a home and still get the money, thanks to the Service Members Home Ownership Act of 2009.

Two Fort Drum soldiers killed in Afghanistan loved drama and adventure
Two Fort Drum cavalry scouts died Monday in Afghanistan after an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle. Staff Sgt. Christopher F. Cabacoy, 30, of Virginia Beach, Va., and Pfc. Edwin C. Wood, 18, of Omaha, Neb., served with 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.

Video-link psychiatry offered in Watertown

North country residents hit by a shortage in mental health providers won't have to travel to Syracuse for treatment anymore.

Patients can attend teleconference sessions at North Country Children's Clinic, 238 Arsenal St., with experts at Upstate Medical University, Syracuse.The telepsychiatry facility is at the children's clinic, but is available to other community health care providers, clinic executive director Aileen G.Martin said.

07 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Best places to watch the Patriots
ESPN writer Mike Reiss mentions the Ft Drum Commons as one of the best places to watch the New England Patriots.

Despite Hard Conditions, 1st BCT Keeps Spirits High
When President Obama ordered 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, that changed the mission for the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum.

3,500 soldiers of the 1st BCT are in the region, but originally they were scheduled to deploy to Iraq.

Now in Afghanistan, near Kabul, Kandahar and the northern sections, Colonel William Burleson, commander of the 1st BCT says that his soldiers were aware of the tough conditions going in.

But despite that, soldier morale remains high.

See the full interview on Friday, at 5:55 AM on 7 News This Morning.

Edwin C. Wood

Two 10th Mountain Division Soldiers were killed when an
improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle in Kandahar,
Afghanistan Monday, July 5.

Killed were:

Staff Sgt. Christopher F. Cabacoy, 30, of Virginia Beach, Va.

Pfc. Edwin C. Wood, 18, of Omaha, Neb.

Staff Sgt Cabacoy and Pfc. Wood served as cavalry scouts with the 1st
Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain
Division (Light Infantry).

Pfc. Wood joined the Army in October 2009 and arrived to Fort Drum April

Pfc. Wood is survived by his parents.

Pfc. Wood's awards and decorations include the Army Good Conduct Medal,
National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War
on Terrorism Service Medal, and Combat Action Badge.

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Christopher F. Cabacoy

Two 10th Mountain Division Soldiers were killed when an
improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle in Kandahar,
Afghanistan Monday, July 5.

Killed were:

Staff Sgt. Christopher F. Cabacoy, 30, of Virginia Beach, Va.

Pfc. Edwin C. Wood, 18, of Omaha, Neb.

Staff Sgt Cabacoy and Pfc. Wood served as cavalry scouts with the 1st
Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain
Division (Light Infantry).

Staff Sgt. Cabacoy joined the Army in March 2000 and arrived to Fort
Drum October 2009. He was previously deployed to Iraq from January 2004
to January 2005.

Staff Sgt. Cabacoy is survived by his wife and son.

Staff Sgt. Cabacoy's awards and decorations include the Army
Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal,
National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War
on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terror Service Medal,
and Combat Action Badge.

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05 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Helo pilots learn to fly at extreme altitudes
FORT CARSON, Colo. — As 1st Lt. Richard Clark began to lower his UH-60 Black Hawk onto a scrubby, windswept patch 8,000 feet high in the Colorado Rockies, his pilot instructor decided to make a tricky landing a little trickier: On the tandem flight controls, the instructor held his joystick, blocking it from coming aft.

Springfield soldier finally home for holidays (With Video)
It was Christmas time and Chris Cooper, thousands of miles from his Springfield home, had no prayer of returning for the holidays.

Stationed with the Army in Iraq without a leave of absence, Cooper and his family were forced to improvise.

Thanks to the Internet, Cooper found a way to take part in his family’s celebration, at least the best he could.

Seabees Expand Forward Operating Base Griffin, Afghanistan
Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4m, stationed out of Point Hueneme, Calf., are working hard under the scorching Afghan sun expanding Forward Operating Base Griffin near city of Meimaneh in northern Afghanistan.

More than 500 Seabees from NMCB4 arrived in Afghanistan last January, and are currently spread across International Security Assistance Force’s Regional Command – North working on various construction projects.

Currently, the priority for the Seabees on FOB Griffin is building the tactical operations center for 3rd Battalion, 6th Field Artillery from the 10th Mountain Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team.

Iraq War Soldier Prevails in Three Tours of Duty, Battling Cancer and Pursuing Excelsior College Degree During Deployments
After returning from his first tour of duty in Iraq to Fort Drum, New York, SFC H. Daniel Tulip learned he had cancer of the bladder. His wife Marcie moved into action as his emotional rock, supporting him daily and opting to postpone a major surgery need of her own in order to care for him. After surgery, he was deployed the second time, and then a third time. As a cancer survivor and combat soldier, he took on another challenge during this third deployment: pursuing his college degree with Excelsior College. Back home, his wife remained his base of faith and encouragement.

Blue Star Moms honor their sons in service
Today is a day when the American flag is prominently displayed as the nation celebrates its most patriotic holiday. But there is a small group of Americans who display a different flag that also shows patriotism.

Their banner is the Blue Star flag, which hangs in a window and symbolizes a son or daughter serving with the military in a war zone.

They are the Blue Star Mothers.

One of those Blue Star Mothers is Bobbi Kennedy of Petersburg, who will be praying for two of her sons today - one is about to come back from Iraq while the other is preparing for his deployment to Afghanistan.

03 July 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Death on Facebook
10th Mountain Division soldier, First Lt. Mark Larson blogs on the death of fellow 10th Mountain soldier, First Lt. Joe Theinert and how social media has affected the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

McHugh returns to roots at Ft. Drum
It was a memorable homecoming for Secretary of the Army John McHugh. The longtime North Country Congressman made his first visit to Fort Drum since becoming Secretary as the 10th Mountain Division celebrated an historic milestone.

Soldier to return for visit
Army Spc. Robert Nolan is the focus of this article in his hometown paper.

67 Americans who will not be celebrating the 4th of July
The Madison Independent Examiner's Gregory Patin gives us a touching article on the losses of military personnel in Afghanistan, including 10th Mountain soldiers Lt. Joseph J. Theinert, and Spc. Brian M. Anderson.

25th Anniversary of the 10th Mountain Division
The 10th Mountain Division, the Fort Drum families, political figures and the North Country community gathered on Fort Drum yesterday.

Fort Drum’s annual Mountainfest celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the 10th Mountain Division’s Re-Activation.

From Facebook

1st BCT
1st BCT gives us several videos and pictures from Afghanistan.

2nd Brigade Combat Team
We get pictures of the FRG of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team making welcome home signs and banners.

01 July 2010

10th mountain Division News Roundup

Secretary of Army McHugh to attend Fort Drum fete
FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- Secretary of the Army John McHugh will be at Fort Drum to help the northern New York military post celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 10th Mountain Division's reactivation.

McHugh, an ex-congressman whose former district includes Fort Drum, will take part in Thursday's festivities featuring a 56-gun salute.

Salute to SPC. Miscevich Berlin
CNN salute from Leesa Kassler to her daughter Specialist Miscevich Berlin, who is with the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division.

New Military Support Group Created in WNY
Catherine Chapman of Amherst and Christina Ball of Royalton are two proud mothers. Chapman has two sons serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan and Christina's son Jeffrey Ball just completed a tour of duty in Iraq, and in now based at Fort Drum.
The mothers have now teamed up to create a new chapter of The Blue Star Mothers of America in the Buffalo Niagara Region.

From Facebook

1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
We get profiles of Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rodrigues Ester and Pfc. Shawn Jenkins from the 1st BCT.

2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
We get video clips and pictures of the welcome home ceremonies for several units from 2nd BCT.

3-71 Cavalry Regiment
3-71 Cavalry Regiment reminds us of mountainfest.

10th Sustainment Brigade 'Muleskinners'
We have a photo of Major General James Terry, the 10th Mountain Division (LI) Commander presenting the Army Comendation Medal to Sgt. Eric Steinman a military policeman with 511th Military Police Company at the Salute to the Nation ceremony on July 1 for winning the Division NCO of the Year Competition.

1-87 IN/1BCT/10MTN DIV
We get several pictures and video clips from 1-87 IN today.

2nd BN 22nd INF
Triple Deuce sends us some pictures and video clips from Afghanistan on their page.
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