09 July 2010

Fort Drum Press Release - 543rd Military Police Company Redeployment

Members of the 543rd Military Police Company, 10th
Sustainment Brigade arrived at Fort
Drum from a yearlong deployment in Afghanistan Thursday.

The 543rd deployed in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in July of 2009.

The flight arrived during the evening hours at Wheeler Sack Airfield with 154 personnel. The 543rd successfully trained 10,000 Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police by providing Police Training Teams (PTT) and Military Training Team (MTT) meaning that the company prepared/trained Iraqi police leadership to plan, execute, and sustain independent police operations. PTTs diligently coach, mentor, and train the Iraqi police to take the lead in policing Iraq's citizens through the use of several training tools, including the police essential task list and the police station monthly report (PSMR). With more than 150 police-essential task list training tasks-printed in Arabic and English-the PTTs have a variety of instructional classes to choose from to help the Iraqi police raise the functionality of their police stations and personnel. The 543rd also conducted counter improvised explosive device (IED) and indirect fire (IDF) missions throughout the day and night.

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