27 September 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Help the 10th Mountain's 1st BCT in their effort to focus on Winning Their Hearts and Minds as they collect school supplies for Afghan children.

CNN News salute from 10th Mountain soldierMaj Cornelius Pope.

Resulst from the 14th annual Adirondack Marathon in Schroon Lake where several Ft Drum soldiers participated.

Triple Deuce (The 10th Mountain's 2/22 Inf) gives us Lessons in COIN from an Army Specialist

Mother of Fallen 10th Mountain soldier, Corporal J. Adan "Adam" Garcia Attend Reception at Bush Home

Members od 3/6 Field Artillary help Protect FOB Kunduz In Afghanistan.

Raynham park dedicated to fallen Army Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti.

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