17 August 2010

SITREP: August 17th

Stand at ease!

New York National Guard's 69th Infantry Regiment undergoes training at Ft Drum

Ft. Drum Soldiers combat stress and deployments with fishing

Medics push it to the limit to receive the Expert Field Medical Badge

1-71 Scout platoon watches their step in the mountains of Afghanistan

The 10th Mountain, surrounded by civilian hostiles, keeps their heads though sometimes its hard.

NPR radio tells us how Fort Drum troops test trust with Afghan police.

Ft drum soldier Sgt. Adam Woodford earns Top Gun award after 3rd tour of duty.

1-71 Cavalry's Brooklyn-born Army Lt. Col. John Paganini training Afghan National Police to fight Taliban.

During EFMB training at Fort Drum, Medics advance skills, character.

The NY Daily News tells us about 1-71 Cavalry and how they patrol in Afghanistan.

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