17 May 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Your Hometown: The lost villages of Fort Drum
With more than 34,000 soldiers, family members and civilian employees, many say Fort Drum is truly the biggest city in the North Country, but Fort Drum wasn't always there. In fact, before Drum was ever thought of, the area was full of communities just like ours. In order for the installation to become what it is, those communities had to be taken over and families were forced out of their homes. In this edition of "Your Hometown", our Brian Dwyer takes a look back at those communities, communities now known as the lost villages.

New XM25 and M240 due to hit war zones soon
Sgt. 1st Class Lang Guereckis, and Sgt. Christopher Shupe, of 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, are quoted in this story about new weapons that are due to be fielded soon by the Army.

Weekend Video: The Big Parade
WWNY TV video on the Watertown Armed Forces Day Parade which included units from the 10th Mountain Division.

Learning About Chinooks and Apaches
CW2 Jon Thilges from Task Force 3-10 and CW2 Matt Rood from Task Force 6-6 explain the duties and workings of Chinook and Apache helicopters in this WWNY TV video.

Ten Hut! TV Dinner at the Fort Drum Commissary
Chef Chris Manning gives us food tips from the Ft Drum Commissary in this video clip.

514th Maintenance returns from Iraq
Ft Drum Mountaineer newspaper coverage of the 514th Maintenance Co's welcome home ceremony.

Regional Support Team - South, Kandahar Afghanistan
B Co, 2/22 Infantry's Area of operations, you will see the men and women of Triple Duce in action here.

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