21 February 2010

10th Mountain Division News Roundup

Author tells the story of 3rd BCT soldiers deployed to Afghanistan
If you have ever wondered what it's really like for Fort Drum soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, Mike Tucker has captured it in his latest book "Bring The Heat." As our Katie Gibas tells us, Tucker was embedded with the 3rd Brigade for their entire deployment, and there were several times he didn't think he would live to tell the story.

Dedicated Non-commissioned Officer Boosts Morale Through Food
10th Mountain Division soldier, Sgt. John Barnes, focus of story about how he raised morale for unit.

Soldier receives two purple hearts
10th Mountain Division soldier, Spc Randy Moore, focus of story on Gainesville, Tx television station.

JRC-Fort Drum contracts reinstated
The Jefferson Rehabilitation Center's contract was fully reinstated. This means the JRC won't have to make up a $350,000 deficit, the amount the center's contract with Fort Drum was expected to be cut, meaning they'd have to scale back workers hours significantly.

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