13 October 2009

10th Mountain Daily Roundup

More Fort Drum Soldiers Return Home
550 soldiers from the 10th Aviation Brigade return home after their latest deployment

Talking to the Taliban
10th Mountain division soldiers change focus and look to convince Taliban fighters to stop fighting and integrate into Afghan society.

Sharpshooter from Norwalk describes deadly Taliban battle
Story about Oct 3 battle in Afghanistan that involved Sgt. Derek Brookshire, who told family about it via instant messaging with his brother.

ANA, U.S. Forces conduct Operation Wake Forest
Combined Joint Task Force 82 story about Afghan National Army and U.S. forces who cordoned off the village to search for enemy combatants.

U.S. Army police mentor team, provides aid, training to ANP
3rd BSTB soldiers provide Afghan Police with first aid training.

Dogs of war: Carlotta native trying to take pets home
Story about Fort Drum soldier who is attempting to bring two dogs from Afghanistan to the US.

Officers attend penal law seminarFort Drum police receive training from state Division of Criminal Justice Services about how to identify and prosecute human trafficking.

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