28 August 2009

Daily (covering 15-22 Aug) roundup

Reporter's Notebook: In Afghanistan, Itching for a Fight that Never Comes
4/25 Artillery Battalion with a new role in Afghanistan.

Woman aims to fund aquatic therapy pool
Watertown Woman looks to help soldiers who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries recover.

Kharwar Flood: Supporting the rule of law in a distant insurgent haven
Fort Drum's 3/71 Cav operating in Afghanistan.

U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan look to ensure safe presidential election
Ft Drum's 3rd Brigade Combat Team conducting security mission during the Afghanistan election.

Soldier's Wife Waits for Husband's Safe Return
Wife of deployed soldier talks about husband in Afghanistan

Miller soldier to be buried today in Arlington
3rd Brigade Combat Team's PFC Matthew Willard will be buried at Arlington National Cemetary

Philadelphia port to handle military cargo again
After a 2 year hiatus, Philadephia's port returns to the mission of transporting military cargo, the first load will be of 10th Mountain eqpt to either Iraq or Afghanistan

Gen. Oates prepares to leave Fort Drum
General Oates prepares to leave Fort Drum after almost 2 1/2 years as commander of the division.

Sister, Brother Reunite in Iraq
2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment pilot, meets sister assigned to Mn NG 34th Infantry Division in Iraq.

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