12 August 2009

Colonal Haight: "3rd Brigade Spartans are in Contact with the Enemy on a Daily Basis"


The 10th Mountain Division is routinely called upon to serve and represent the United States overseas and its presence in Afghanistan has been a valuable asset to the people and the nation, who rely on American soldiers for training, economic and infrastructal development, as well as security.

Colonal David Haight, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team commander, spoke about his unit's role in supporting the Afghan National Security Forces and how they have been battling insurgents to ensure a functioning government, a better quality of life for residents of the region and living in towns and villages to help keep those residents safe.

Haight says that a main quality of those serving in the brigade is experience and knowledge to adapting to several challeges, including climate changes, a different culture and lifestyle and an elusive enemy that changes tactics, but uses familiar weapons.

"35 percent of this brigade served in Afghanistan in the previous 16 month tour...there are many things that are hard to adapt to."

"The enemy is here and it does not like the fact that we have wrestled two provinces out of its control and it is desperate to get them back...they are trying to disrupt the elections."

The 3rd Brigade is no stranger to loss as 19 soldiers have been killed since May 2009 that were part of the brotherhood and team.

Colonal Haight says that there is nothing more heart breaking when a commrade falls in battle, but what we must do is honor those who have fallen by taking care of their families, remember them so that their sacrifices were not in vain and that the resolve to prevail will strengthen.

Ed note: On the WWNT website is an audio link to the interview that I would recommend listening to for any readers.

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